What are the benefits of school for the child ?

In order to ensure a bright and promising future for your child, it is important to enrol him or her in school and to make sure that he or she follows the entire school curriculum. So what are the advantages of school? This is about the benefits or usefulness of school for a child.

School is a place of common culture

The school is an establishment in which general, collective and specialised education is provided. It is a place where schoolchildren or pupils are welcomed so that teachers can provide them with a general education. Thus, it has several advantages in the lives of our young children. Firstly, it is a place where a common culture is provided for the children. Indeed, it is a place that shows and gives access to all existing cultures to our children, whether or not they are French-speaking, English-speaking or even from the travel community. To this end, no culture is privileged or at least imposed. Each child is enriched by a culture that is foreign to them. The school brings together all the schoolchildren or pupils from different cultures and thus, while becoming friends, each friend tries to introduce his or her culture to the others and vice versa. The school is therefore a place where cultures are valued.

School is a place for acquiring skills

In addition to being a place of shared culture, school is a place where several intellectual capacities can be acquired. Indeed, at school, our children acquire a number of intellectual capacities and consequently become more capable and intelligent in working life. Thus, they acquire the capacities of integration; adaptation; assimilation; etc. To this end, they are able to express themselves and even sing in several languages such as: English; Spanish; German; Latin; etc. This allows them to develop their mental capacities. School allows children to open up to their environment and to integrate into society. It therefore favours their emancipation and avoids certain weaknesses such as: shyness, arrogance, pride, etc. The school also teaches them good manners. Finally, it should be remembered that school is of capital importance in the lives of our children in that it offers several undeniable advantages.